Former lock-up, 121, Keighley Road, Illingworth, Halifax - Calderdale

Located on the north side of the A629 Halifax to Keighley Road, the lock-up is a small two-storey building of coursed sandstone walls and stone slate roof, dating to 1823. The building is vacant. The roof covering and roof drainage is in very poor condition. North Halifax Historic Buildings Preservation Trust is in the process of acquiring the building under asset transfer from the Local Authority. A condition survey and options appraisal has been completed with a grant from the Architectural Heritage Fund and a schedule of repair works has been developed with a grant from Historic England.

Former lock-up, 121, Keighley Road, Illingworth, Halifax - Calderdale
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Site Details

  • Designated Site Name: FORMER LOCKUP
  • Heritage Category: Listed Building grade II*
  • List Entry Number: 1314017
  • Local Planning Authority: Calderdale
  • Site Type: Civil > Public building


  • Building Name: Former lock-up
  • Street Number: 121
  • Street Name: Keighley Road
  • Locality: Illingworth, Halifax
  • County: West Yorkshire
  • District / Borough: Calderdale
  • Parliamentary Constituency: Halifax
  • Region: Yorkshire

Assessment Information

  • Assessment Type: Building or structure
  • Condition: Very bad
  • Occupancy / Use: Vacant/not in use
  • Priority: B - Immediate risk of further rapid deterioration or loss of fabric; solution agreed but not yet implemented
  • Previous Priority: B
  • Ownership: Local authority