Heritage Lottery Funding

The Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) commits substantial sums each year towards heritage projects. Since 1994 National Lottery players have raised £43billion for projects across the UK. HLF have awarded £8.3billion to over 49,000 projects since 1994.

The Heritage Lottery Fund is administered by the National Heritage Memorial Fund (NHMF) which was given the responsibility of distributing a share of money raised through the National Lottery for Good Causes, to heritage across the UK.

The NHMF is a non-departmental public body accountable to Parliament via the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.

The NHMF was set up in 1980 using the remaining funds of the National Land Fund which had originally been established to acquire land and buildings as a war memorial. The NHMF also gives non-lottery grants to acquire maintain and preserve land, buildings and objects of outstanding interest.

Lottery grants are given to projects that sustain and transform a wide range of heritage for present and future generations to take part in, learn from and enjoy.

Through grant-making the HLF aims to:

  • conserve the UK's diverse heritage for present and future generations to experience and enjoy;
  • help more people, and a wider range of people, to take an active part in and make decisions about their heritage;
  • help people to learn about their own and other people's heritage.

The HLF has a range of grant programmes, awarding grants upwards of £3,000 to support innovative as well as tried-and-tested approaches, and welcomes proposals that are pioneering in concept and delivery.