21 Chaddock Street, Preston

Enforcement notice - Planning permission - Listed building - Grade II - House - Conservation area - Windows - Extension - Sufficient information to assess impact on significance

  • Type of Decision: Listed building enforcement notice; Planning permission
    Outcome: Notice a nullity; Appeal dismissed
  • Year: 2018
    Date: 12 April 2018
  • Planning Inspector: John Braithwaite
    Appeal Reference: APP/N2345/F/17/3177202; APP/N2345/W/18/3193151
  • Local Authority Reference: 06/2017/0886
    Local Authority Area: Preston City Council
  • Address of the Property: 21 Chaddock Street, Preston PR1 3TL
    Applicant/Appellant: Mr Y Yusuf
  • Heritage Assets: 21 Chaddock Street; Avenham Conservation Area

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