Land at Quarrendon Fields, Aylesbury

Listed building - Registered park or garden - Scheduled monument - Nationally important archaeological site (non-scheduled) - Planning permission - Landscape - Wind turbine - New building - Presumption in favour of sustainable development - National Planning Policy Statements - Need for expert assessment of significance - Substantial harm through development affecting the setting - Housing weighed against heritage conservation - Transport infrastructure weighed against heritage conservation - Wind energy weighed against heritage conservation - Climate change weighed against heritage conservation

  • Type of Decision: Call in
    Year: 2012
    Date: 9 February 2012
  • Name of Inspector: Christina Downs
    Planning Inspectorate Reference (1): APP/J0405/A/11/2155042
    Planning Inspectorate Reference (2): APP/J0405/A/11/2155043
  • Local Authority Reference (1): 10/00135/AOP
    Local Authority Reference (2): 10/00136/AOP
    Local Authority Area: Aylesbury Vale District Council
  • Address of the property: Land at Quarrendon Fields, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire
  • Applicant/appellant: Arnold White Estates Ltd and Oxford Diocesan Board of Finance