Proposed Progress Power Gas Fired Power Station, Suffolk

Development consent-new building-heritage asset of demonstrable equivalent significance to a scheduled monument-need for clear and convincing justification for harm or loss-substantial harm or total loss should be wholly exceptional-non-designated heritage asset-conservation area-weight to be given to asset’s conservation-substantial harm through physical impact-substantial public benefits that outweigh substantial harm-less than substantial harm through physical impact-less than substantial harm through development affecting the setting-necessity of harm to deliver public benefits-energy production weighed against heritage conservation.

  • Type of Decision:  Application for Development Consent Order
  • Year: 2015
    Date:  23rd July 2015
  • Decision by: SoS for Energy and Climate Change (The ExA: Jonathan Green)
  • Local Authority Area: Mid-Suffolk District Council
  • Address of the property: Proposed Progress Power Gas Fired Power Station, Suffolk
  • Applicant: Progress Power Ltd