St Paul's Dockyard Church

Planning permission - Listed building consent - Place of worship - Change of use - Alteration - New building - Financial viability - Substantial harm or total loss should be wholly exceptional

  • Type of decision: Appeal
    Year: 2012
    Date: 07/03/2012
  • Name of Inspector: John Chase
    Planning Inspectorate reference (1): APP/V2255/A/11/2159422
    Planning Inspectorate reference (2): APP/V2255/A/11/2166035
  • Local Authority reference (1): SW/11/0277
    Local Authority reference (2): SW/11/1112
    Local Authority area: Swale
  • Address of the property: St Paul's Dockyard Church, Naval Terrace, Sheerness, Kent ME12 1RR
  • Applicant/appellant: WDS Design