Microgeneration involves small-scale generation of heat and electricity by individuals. Recent changes to permitted development rights for both householders and commercial property have made the installation of microgeneration equipment easier.

A house with a pole-mounted turbine
A house with a pole-mounted turbine © Proven Energy Ltd

Historic England's advice

We have produced several advice notes for owners which cover issues they need to consider when thinking about installing microgeneration equipment.

Small-scale solar thermal energy and traditional buildings

Published 28 March 2008

This guide is one of a series examining options for the small-scale generation of renewable energy.

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Energy Efficiency and Historic Buildings: Solar Electric (Photovoltaics)

Published 15 October 2018

This guidance covers the issues associated with installing solar photovoltaic (PV) panels on a historic building or on the land of a historic site.

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Heat Pumps

Published 4 December 2017

This guidance note covers the issues associated with installing a heat pump in a historic building. It describes the different options available and how they work.

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Micro-Hydroelectric Power and the Historic Environment

Published 3 November 2014

This guidance sets out what to do if you are considering installing micro-hydroelectric systems at historic buildings or sites.

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