Support Our Cultural Programme

We're delivering a visionary cultural programme that opens up the historic environment to public audiences.

We’re working on a series of exhibitions in collaboration with leading museums and galleries, and developing related seasons of events alongside each exhibition. These events will establish partnerships with local historians, artists and societies, as well as with contemporary thinkers and commentators.

How you can help

Our cultural programme covers subjects as diverse as England's public art, London's unique and complex identity and the destruction of world heritage during conflict. Attached to our exhibitions and events are study-programmes, public debates and public engagement campaigns. Your support could enable us to extend the reach of our cultural programme, ensuring new and diverse audiences are able to participate and benefit.

Together, we can look after England's past and future

To find out more about funding our cultural programme, please contact Head of Philanthropy, Caroline Crewe-Read.

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Caroline Crewe-Read

Head of Philanthropy

4th Floor, Cannon Bridge House,
25 Dowgate Hill,

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