An Archaeological Research Framework for the City of Hereford

Herefordshire Archaeology Report 310

By Nigel Baker

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A review of understanding of the archaeology of Hereford, its significance, potential, gaps and limitations; with identification of research priorities for the future. English Heritage funded the project as part of the National Heritage Protection Plan.


  • 1. Introduction
    Summary; scope and purpose
    The background to this document; abbreviations
    A short history of archaeological research in Hereford
    Previous research agendas
  • 2. Period studies
    The Prehistoric period (10,000BC – 50BC)
    The Roman period (50BC – 400AD)
    The pre-Conquest (Anglo-Saxon) period (400AD – c.1066AD)
    The medieval period (c.1066 – c.1500AD)
    The post-medieval period (c.1500 – c.1900)
  • 3. General themes
  • 4. Neighbourhood research agendas
  • 5. Bibliography

Additional Information

  • Publication Status: Completed


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