Buildings of the Labour Movement

By Nick Mansfield

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This fascinating survey ranges from the communal buildings of the early 19th- century political radicals, Owenites and Chartists, through Arts and Crafts influenced socialist structures of the late Victorian and Edwardian period to the grand union 'castles' of the mid twentieth century. 

There are also chapters on the ubiquitous co-operative architecture, long forgotten socialist holiday camps, and those memorials associated with the hidden story of radical ex-servicemen and their remembrance of war dead. The countryside is also not forgotten with rural labour buildings, as well as the clubhouses of idealistic socialist cyclists. The book though is not just about bricks and mortar but uncovers the social history of the men and women who worked so hard locally to achieve their goals.

Though many buildings have been lost over the years, the book outlines the recent struggle for their preservation and details many which can still be visited.


Foreword by Tony Benn
1. Introduction
2. Trade societies
3. Nonconformity
4. Radicalism
5. Owenism
6. Chartism
7. Co-operation
8. Trade unions
9. Mechanics Institutes and education
10. Socialism
11. The Clarion movement
12. The Labour Party
13. The rural labour movement
14. Ex-servicemen and the commemoration of war
15. Holidays and leisure
16. Buildings associated with key events
17. Decline and demolition
18. Preservation and interpretation
19. Sites to visit
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Buildings of the labour movement

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Additional Information

  • Series: Architectural History
  • Publication Status: Completed
  • Pages: 164
  • Illustrations: 220, Colour and b&w
  • Product Code: 51761
  • ISBN: 9781848021297


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