Conservation Bulletin 9


  • Archaeology in towns p1–2
  • Editorial p3
  • Victorian churches p4–5
  • Marble Hill restoration p6–7
  • Bollitree Castle p8
  • Notes p8, 11
  • Corporate Plan p8
  • Corporate Plan insert between p8 and p9
  • The Rose Theatre p9–10
  • Ancient monuments prosecutions p10
  • Ecclesiastical exemption p11
  • List review p11
  • No 1 Poultry p12–13
  • Buildings at risk grants p14
  • Book reviews p14–15
  • A morality tale p16
  • New telephone numbers p16

(NB: page numbers are those of the original publication)

Additional Information

  • Series: Conservation Bulletin
  • Publication Status: Completed


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