Easy Access to Historic Landscapes

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The aim of this guide is to help property owners and managers provide easier access for all their visitors, whatever their age or level of ability. It will also be of value to designers, planners, and others working to open up historic sites to a wider audience.

This revised edition of the guidance, prompted by the implementation of the Equality Act 2010, promotes an inclusive approach to ensure that every visitor to a historic park, garden or landscape has a meaningful experience. It should be made clear, however, that its primary focus is on providing better access for people with disabilities. Encouraging a much broader range of communities to enjoy and participate in the care of historic parks and gardens is an equally strong priority but one that falls outside the scope of this current document. This document replaces our 2005 version.


1. Why access matters

2. Planning better access

3. Making access a reality

4. Published sources of information

5. Where to get advice

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  • Series: Guidance
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