English Heritage Annual Report and Accounts 2012/13

English Heritage's Annual Report and Accounts is laid before Parliament each year. The combined report and accounts includes the audited accounts and a review of the year, including progress against English Heritage’s Management Agreement with DCMS. English Heritage’s key performance indicators are reproduced and key financial information is presented in easy to use charts.


Page 8 Management Agreement Progress Report
The second sentence in the Progress column should be replaced with the following:
"Earned income as a proportion of total income rose from 29.7% to 33.2% and earned income rose from £52.1m to £53.4m."

Page 11 Key Performance Indicators: Aim 5 Table
The second corporate key performance indicator, CKPI21, was incorrectly stated for 2012/13.  The KPI should be presented as:

CKPI21Earned income as a proportion of total income33.2%29.7%

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