Green space skills 2009

National employer survey findings

In 2009 CABE in partnership with English Heritage & the Historic & Botanic Garden Bursary Scheme, commissioned Pye Tait Consulting to carry out research to identify the total size, scope and labour market status of the green space sector in England. This report presents the findings of that research.


1. Introduction

2. Size and structure of the green space sector
2.1 Defining the green space sector
2.2 Size of the green space sector
2.3 Sector characteristics

3. Skills and training challenges
3.1 Training in the sector
3.2 Qualifications
3.3 Skills shortages
3.4 Skills gaps
3.5 Urban/non-urban local authorities and registered social landlords

4. Sector comparisons
4.1 Employment
4.2 Qualifications
4.3 Skills

5. Future challenges
5.1 The next two years
5.2 The economy
5.3 The seven priorities

Appendix 1: Methodology

Appendix 2: Public green space SIC codes

Appendix 3: Survey literal responses

Appendix 4: Survey questionnaire

Additional Information

  • Publication Status: Completed


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