Multi-light Imaging

Highlight-Reflectance Transformation Imaging (H-RTI) for Cultural Heritage

This publication offers user-friendly guidelines and advice on recording cultural heritage by capturing the surface of an object through multiple photographs which, when processed, enable the enhancement of surface-level details. This technique is flexible, versatile and can be undertaken at low cost with a minimum of equipment, and has the potential to greatly enhance our understanding of heritage assets.

These guidelines focus on the equipment required and the method to produce Highlight-Reflectance Transformation Imaging (H-RTI). There are quick reference tips throughout the publication and a glossary that includes common abbreviations. References and useful links have also been provided.

A wide range of case studies have been included to demonstrate how the approach can be used to better record and understand cultural heritage. These practical examples provide solutions to some of the common challenges encountered in using this recording approach and some of the ways in which the RTI methodology can be adapted to new environments.

This second edition is a revision of Multilight Imaging for Heritage Applications, English Heritage 2013.


  • Introduction
  • Highlight-RTI capture technique
  • Post-processing and viewing the H-RTI
  • An alternative recording approach and software innovations
  • The RTI viewer 
  • Other RTI formats and emerging software
  • Case studies
  • References
  • Glossary and abbreviations
  • Where to get advice

Additional Information

  • Series: Guidance
  • Publication Status: Completed
  • Pages: 72
  • Product Code: HEAG069


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