On the Waterfront: Culture, Heritage and Regeneration of Port Cities

Across the world, historic port cities face the prospect of rapid and far-reaching change as they adjust to constantly evolving economic and cultural circumstances. The question of what role the historic environment – architecture, archaeology and historic landscapes – should play in this process of change is central to the way in which these cities see themselves. There is widespread, although not universal, recognition that the legacy of the past should influence future development but how this is to be achieved and what benefits it brings vary from place to place.

These issues were addressed in a major international conference 'On the Waterfront: Culture, Heritage and Regeneration of Port Cities', held in Liverpool, 19 - 21 November 2008.


  1. Dr Simon Thurley: Heritage in regeneration: inspiration or irrelevance?
  2. Professor John Belchem: Shock City: sailortown Liverpool
  3. Paul Smith: Understanding the historic environment: a view from France
  4. Sarah-Jane Farr and Colum Giles: Understanding the historic environment of port cities: the case of Liverpool
  5. John Hinchliffe: The Conservation of Port Heritage: Lessons from Liverpool
  6. Lucyna Nyka and Jakub Szczepanski: Regaining Gdansk’s water spaces: cultural projects for urban regeneration
  7. Abha Bahl and Brinda Gaitonde Nayak: Is Heritage a business opportunity?: The Bombay Heritage Walks
  8. John McCarthy: Is all tourism beneficial? The impacts of port city regeneration initiatives
  9. Professor Ayodeji Olukoju: Local and global dynamics in the transformation of the port-city of Lagos since the nineteenth century
  10. Dennis Rodwell: Planning systems: do they fit the current needs of historic port cities?

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