Played in London: A Directory of Sporting Assets in London

By Simon Inglis

This directory complements the book Played in London - Charting the Heritage of a City at Play, published by English Heritage in September 2014. The directory is the result of the wider research that went into compiling the book.

The directory is not intended as a complete list of all sports-related buildings in the capital. Rather it focuses on buildings and assets that research has shown to be of historic or architectural interest.

It covers four main categories of buildings:

  • buildings designed specifically for, and still in use for sporting or recreational activities
  • buildings designed specifically for sporting or recreational activities but since adapted for other uses
  • buildings designed specifically for sporting or recreational activities but which lie unused or derelict, and whose future remains in abeyance as of December 2014
  • buildings designed for other uses, but since adapted for sporting or recreational use

This document has been written by Simon Inglis. It is intended as a working document. Comments and new information are welcomed and should be addressed to [email protected].

Additional Information

  • Publication Status: Completed


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