Protect Our Place

Final Report

By Sarah Spurrier, Steve Graham, Ian Harvey

The Protect our Place project was designed by Civic Voice to show why community groups and volunteers protect and promote their local area in the way that they do, and to understand what lessons can be learned to support this in the future.

The project was supported by English Heritage in the context of the National Heritage Protection Plan (NHPP).


1. Executive Summary
2. Introduction
2.1 Objectives
3. Background
4. Methodology and Delivery
4.1 Survey
4.2 Volunteer Events
4.3 Sounding Board
5. Definitions
5.1 Community group
5.2 Heritage Volunteer
5.3 Civic and Heritage Movement
6. Literature Review
7. Findings
7.1 Amount, type and range
7.1.1 Range of action
7.1.2 Group size
7.1.3 Heritage and non-heritage groups
7.1.4 Group maturity
7.1.5 Activities concerning funding
7.2 Motivations and Values
7.2.1 Individual motivations
7.2.2 Group motivations
7.2.3 Barriers to volunteering
7.3 Future Support
7.3.1 Funding
7.3.2 Training
7.3.3 Other issues
7.4 Summary of findings
8. Recommendations
8.1 Perceptions
8.2 Funding
8.3 Networks
8.4 Projects
9. Outputs
10. Conclusion
Appendices 1 - Survey Text
Appendices 2 - Events Agenda

Additional Information

  • Publication Status: Completed


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