Radiocarbon Dates

From samples funded by English Heritage under the Aggregates Levy Sustainability fund 2002-4

Paperback by Alex Bayliss, Christopher Bronk Ramsey, Gordon Cook, Johannes van der Plicht


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This volume holds a datelist of 476 radiocarbon determinations carried out between 2002 and 2004 in support of research funded by English heritage through the Aggregates Levy Sustainability Fund.  It contains supporting information about the samples and the sites producing them, a comprehensive bibliography, and two indexes for reference and analysis.  An introduction provides information about the scientific dating undertaken, and methods used for the analyses reported.  Details of technical reports available for programmes of luminescence dating and amino-acid racemization funded under this scheme are also provided.

The datelist has been collated from information provided by the submitters of samples and the dating laboratories, in order to provide easy access to raw scientific and contextual data which may be used in further research.  Many of the sites and projects from which dates have been obtained are published, or are in the process of publication.  Full references are given to these reports for those requiring further detail.




1. Scientific dating

2. Radiocarbon dating: sample selection

3. Radiocarbon ages and calibrated dates

4. Radiocarbon dating: laboratory methods

5. Radiocarbon dating:quality assurance

6. Stable isotope measurements

7. Chronological modelling

8. Using the datelist

9. Acknowledgements

10. Datelist

11. Bibliography

12. Index of laboratory codes

13. General index

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