Radiocarbon Dating and Chronological Modelling

Guidelines and Best Practice

This publication provides guidelines for good practice in the use of radiocarbon dating and chronological modelling in archaeology. It gives practical advice on the application of these methods within archaeological projects in England. It should be used in conjunction with advice given by radiocarbon laboratories and modelling specialists on specific projects, and may be adjusted in response to future scientific developments.

Please refer to this guidance as:

Bayliss, A, and Marshall, P, 2022 Radiocarbon Dating and Chronological Modelling: Guidelines and Best Practice (Historic England, London).


We thank Nancy Beavan for the dietary reconstruction reported in the case study of the skeleton in the carpark (section 5.2). We are very grateful to the following colleagues who have answered our queries, provided useful feedback on an earlier draft of this document or supplied illustrations: Alistair Barclay, Cathy Batt, Matt Beamish, Andy Boucher, Martin Bridge, Christopher Bronk Ramsey, Caitlin Buck, Gill Campbell, Matt Canti, Peter Clark, Gordon Cook, Alice Dowsett, Denise Druce, David Dungworth, Ricardo Fernandes, Ben Ford, Michael Grant, Andy Hammon, Zoë Hazell, Frances Healy, Gill Hey, Mike Hodder, Andy Howard, Elizabeth Huckerby, Jacqui Huntley, Robin Jackson, Rod McCullagh, John Meadows, Andrew Millard, Lisa Moffett, Rachel Newman, Zoe Outram, Andrew Parnell, Ruth Pelling, Johannes van der Plicht, Dominic Powlesland, Paula Reimer, Suzi Richer, Bettina Schulz Paulsson, Jane Sidell, Sue Stallibras, Vanessa Straker, David Thulman, Cathy Tyers, Sylvia Warman, Chris Webster, Lucy Whittingham and Jim Williams.

Finally, we would like to thank Andrew David, Brian Kerr and Jen Heathcote for their patience.

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  • ISSN: 9781802077643


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