Research and Archaeology Revisited: a revised framework for the East of England

East Anglian Archaeology Occasional Paper No.24

By Maria Medlycott (editor)

This review of Research and Archaeology augments the regional research framework, which appeared in two parts as a Resource Assessment Glazebrook ed.1997); and a Research Agenda and Strategy Brown and Glazebrook eds 2000). The review considers the new evidence on a period-by-period basis, subdivided within each period into an assessment of key projects undertaken since 2000, an assessment of progress on research topics proposed in 2000 and a consideration of future research topics.


1. Introduction
2. Palaeolithic and Mesolithic
3. Neolithic
4. Bronze Age
5. Iron Age
6. Roman
7. Anglo-Saxon
8. Medieval
9. Post-Medieval and Modern
10. Marine
11. Over-Arching Research Themes and Strategy

Additional Information

  • Publication Status: Completed
  • ISBN: 9780951069561


Published by Association of Local Government Archaeological Officers, East of England