Richborough Environs Project, Kent

Report on the Aerial Photographic Transcription and Analysis

By Fiona Small

This survey was carried out as part of a multi-disciplinary research project on the Roman fort initiated by the former English Heritage Centre for Archaeology (CfA), Portsmouth.

The aim of the project was to 'establish the extent, morphology and complexity of the settlement in the area under active ploughing between the Saxon Shore fort and the amphitheatre' (Wilmott et al 2001). The combined results of the aerial survey, the geophysical surveys and small scale excavations undertaken by the CfA in 2001 are being used to improve the interpretation, management and presentation of the site.

The aerial photographic interpretation was carried out by the former English Heritage Aerial Survey section, Swindon. All work was carried out by Fiona Small, Investigator, Aerial Survey between 18th February and 31st May 2002.

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