Agecroft Hall, Pendlebury, Greater Manchester

Agecroft Hall was the medieval manor house of Pendlebury. The Manor came into the possession of the Prestwich family in about 1291 when Adam de Prestwich married Cecily. It passed to a daughter, Margaret when the Black Death ravaged the family in 1349. Not long after, Margaret also died from the plague. The house shown dates mainly from the 15th century. The facade was modernized in Queen Elizabeth's time. During the industrialisation of the Irwell valley coal mines were opened all around Agecroft and railway tracks cut across the manor. By the early 20th century the hall had fallen into disrepair. In 1925 it was purchased by Thomas C Williams Jr. and was dismantled and shipped to Richmond, Virginia, where it was rebuilt on the banks of the James River.


Greater Manchester Pendlebury


Tudor (1485 - 1602)


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