Ancient Chapel of Toxteth, Park Road, Liverpool, Merseyside

Ancient Chapel of Toxteth, Park Road, Liverpool, Merseyside
Photograph taken 24 July 2004 © Mr Glyn Williams. Source Historic England Archive ref: 359221

This building was built in 1618 as an Anglican Chapel in what was then an isolated rural area. It became a Presbyterian meeting house in 1672 which is a very early date for a Nonconformist chapel. About a hundred years afterwards the minister and most of the congregation, like many other English Presbyterians, started to follow the Unitarian religion. The chapel was partly rebuilt in 1774 and the porch was added in 1841. The interior is very important and rare as the furnishings all date back to the early 18th century or before. It has a pulpit against the East wall, box pews dated 1650 and 1700 and a gallery on 3 sides. The North and South galleries are 17th century and the connecting one is 18th century. The chapel is still a Unitarian chapel in 2009 and is carefully maintained and opened to the public.


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Stuart (1603 - 1713)


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