Arbor Low Henge, nr Hartington, Derbyshire

Arbor Low Henge, nr Hartington, Derbyshire
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Arbor Low is a Late Neolithic to Early Bronze Age henge monument. It is an earthwork enclosure defined by a bank and internal ditch. It also has an inner ring of standing stones. It is about 90m in diameter. It has two entrance gaps or causeways as they are sometimes called. One is to the northwest and the other to the south-south-east. The circle of stones may originally have had around 39 upright stones. Limited excavation of the site was undertaken by Harold St George Gray in 1901-2. Finds included flint scrapers and arrowheads. This site is now in the care of English Heritage (2010). Read detailed archaeological description.


Derbyshire Hartington


Prehistoric (to AD42)


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