Berkeley Castle, Berkeley, Gloucestershire

Berkeley Castle, Berkeley, Gloucestershire
Photograph taken 30 June 2001 © Mr Peter Yardley. Source Historic England Archive ref: 132188

The castle keep was begun in c.l067 by Fitz Osborn, Earl of Hereford. The curtain walls and great hall were built in c. 1160-90. The whole castle is in an original and good state of preservation and retains most original features down to doors, arrow slits and windows, iron catches etc. The Keep still has the cell said to have been site of murder of Edward II in 1327. The walls were also damaged in 1645 during a siege by Cromwell's troops. The castle remained largely unaltered until the 1920s when 8th Earl of Berkeley modernised and altered the interior.


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Medieval (Middle Ages) (1066 - 1484)


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