Bridge over mill-stream at King's Mills, Park Lane, Castle Donington, Leicestershire

This bridge was built in c1800. It is a surviving fragment of a large mill complex. A watermill has been on this site since medieval times. It has been used for corn-milling, fulling and as a paper-mill. This bridge dates to a period of rebuilding in c1800. After this time the mill was used for grinding gypsum. It went out of use in 1927 after a fire damaged many of the buildings. The mill was also the site of a minor Civil War battle. In February 1643-4, the King's Mills...situated on the River Trent, near Donington Park, were surrounded by Sir John Gell: 'On the 6th February our forces besieged a strong garrison called The King's Mills..'. The dead were buried in St. Mary's churchyard, Weston-upon-Trent.


Leicestershire Castle Donington


Georgian (1714 - 1836)


bridge mill industry flour wool paper Georgian (1714 - 1836)