Camber Castle, Winchelsea, East Sussex

Camber Castle, Winchelsea, East Sussex
Photograph taken 2003 © Peter Dunn. Source Historic England Archive Photo Library ref: J030001

Aerial view cutaway reconstruction drawing of the castle in 1540. Camber Artillery Castle was constructed between 1513 and 1543 as part of Henry VIII's chain of coastal defences to protect England from invasion. It was positioned on a spit which protected the Camber estuary and seaward entrance to the port of Rye. There were three phases of construction: the first in 1512-14; the second from 1539-40 and the third begun in 1542. However, by 1548 the castle became largely obsolete as the Camber channel silted up. The castle was maintained during the 16th century but the garrison was disbanded and the ordnance removed in 1637. During WW2 the castle was used as a training camp and a pillbox was established there. The castle was bought in 1977 by the state and has been comprehensively restored and is now in the care of English Heritage (2010).


East Sussex Winchelsea


Tudor (1485 - 1602)


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