Cliffe Fort, Cliffe, Kent

Cliffe Fort, Cliffe, Kent
Photograph taken 6th April 2010. © Historic England Archive ref: NMR 26604_008

Cliffe Fort stands on the Hoo Peninsula. It was constructed in the 1860s as part of the River Thames coastal defence system. The stone and brick fort had a moat and earthworks on the seaward side. Part of the fort was rebuilt in 1885 as a Brennan Torpedo Station. In the 1890s it was equipped with four 12-pounder quick-firing guns. By December 1902 two 12.5 inch and five 11-inch rifle muzzle loading guns had been mounted. During the First World War the four 12-pounder guns were replaced by a pair of 6-inch breech loading Mark VII guns. These in turn were replaced with four quick firing guns towards the end of the war. The fort was disarmed sometime after 1927. It was used again during the Second World War as the base for the Royal Navy Auxiliary Service.


Kent Cliffe


World War One (1914 - 1919)


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