Council Housing, Byker, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear

This development was carried out by Ralph Erskine in 1969-71. It covers an area of around 200 acres and houses around 9,500 people. The Byker Wall, which varies from three to 12 stories high, is the most well-known part of the estate but there are also a lot of low rise and individual houses. The outer Wall was designed to protect the rest of the development both from the wind and traffic pollution. Existing housing was demolished to make way for the new development - although some old buildings including pubs, churches and swimming baths were retained in the new design.


Tyne and Wear Newcastle upon Tyne


1960s (1960 - 1969)



aerial view flat house council housing terrace urban wall 1960s (1960 - 1969)