Council Housing, Churchill Gardens, Pimlico, Greater London

Churchill Gardens was the most ambitious council housing scheme of the 1940s (1947-51). It was also the first built following an international competition. The architects were Powell and Moya, architects for Westminster City Council, aged 24 and 25. The generous sized flats and carefully laid-out grounds and services set new standards of council housing. It was a model for the post-war era of how to provide housing at the maximum allowed density of 200 persons per acre. The estate was a mixed development of 32 blocks of flats, maisonettes and terraced houses with a community centre, day and nursery schools and shops. This building is Coleridge House one of the first group of four tower blocks built in 1951. It had 72 flats.


Greater London Pimlico


1940s (1946 - 1949)



1940s (1946 - 1949) house housing planned community flat highrise post-war council 1950s (1950 - 1959)