Dagenham Beach House, Dagenham, Greater London

Dagenham Beach House, Dagenham, Greater London
Photograph taken n/a © Reproduced by permission of Historic England Archive ref: xa00158

This engraving was taken from a publication called the European Magazine. It proably shows an area known as the Breach in the Georgian period. In 1707, the River Thames broke through the sea defences in South Dagenham and flooded the marshland beyond. After many failed attempts, the defences were finally repaired by Captain John Perry, RN in 1719. However, a large lake was left in the landscape, which became known as Dagenham Breach. The Breach became a popular fishing area. Elizabeth Fry and her family leased two holiday cottages at the Breach in the early 19th century. The area was later industrialized. A remnant of the Breach survives as a lake within the Ford Motor Company site.


Greater London Dagenham


Georgian (1714 - 1836)


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