Dovecote, Oddingley, Worcestershire

Dovecote, Oddingley, Worcestershire
Photograph taken 14 May 1894 © Historic England Archive ref: OP08634

A half-timbered dovecote at Oddingley. A woman and boy are posed in the foreground. The woman is wearing a typical farm worker's bonnet. At the time the photograph was taken the dovecote was standing in a field to the south of The Old Farmhouse (Church Cottages). The dovecote had been part of the farm. In 1930 it was described as dilapidated and it was later demolished. The photograph is part of the P T Deakin collection.


Worcestershire Oddingley


Victorian (1837 - 1901)


woman clothing hat boy farm food timber framed victorian (1837 - 1901)