Former Hale's Grammar School, Churchfields, Hertford, Hertfordshire

Former Hale's Grammar School, Churchfields, Hertford, Hertfordshire
Photograph taken 04 September 2000 © Mr A. Gude. Source Historic England Archive ref: 461298

Richard Hale of King's Walden, Herts, founded this school in 1617. It was known as 'Hale's Grammar School'. The school was to be administered by the Mayor and 9 Chief Burgesses of Hertford and their successors. By the 19th century the school was still using the single open classroom, with long rows of desks and a master's desk at each end. Alfred Russell Wallace (1823-1913), scientist and co discoverer with Darwin of the theory of natural selection was educated at Hale's School in the 1830s. The school came under the control of the County Council in about 1900 and was known as Hertford Grammar School. By 1930 the premises had become totally inadequate, and a new County Grammar School was built in Hale Road. This school was extended in 1931 and renamed the Longmore Senior Girls School. The east wing was damaged in a 1944 air raid. It later became the annexe to the new Secondary Modern School built on London Road in 1957.


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