Former Laverstoke Paper Mill, Laverstoke, Hampshire

Former Laverstoke Paper Mill, Laverstoke, Hampshire
Photograph taken 08 July 2005 © Mr J Wilson. Source Historic England Archive ref: 139310

In 1718 Henry Portal (a Huguenot refugee), acquired the lease of Laverstoke Mill. One of the conditions of the lease was that he had to rebuild the mill. A stone in the wall records that 'This House and Mill was built by Henry Portal in the year 1719'. In 1724 he acquired the privilege of manufacturing the paper for Bank of England notes. From then until the 1950s all the watermarked paper for these notes has been made at Laverstoke by the Portal family. Most of the remaining buildings date from the 1880s and later.


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Georgian (1714 - 1836)


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