Gallox Bridge, Park Street, Dunster, Somerset

Gallox Bridge, Park Street, Dunster, Somerset
Photograph taken 01 March 2004 © Historic England Archive Photo Library ref: K040057

This medieval stone bridge was called Doddebrigge in the 14th century. By Tudor times it had become Gallocksbrigge, Gallox Bridge, or Gallocks Bridge. All these names come from the gallows that stood on a hill outside the village. It once carried packhorses that were used to transport wool across the River Avill for sale in the market town of Dunster. Alongside the bridge is an ancient ford for wheeled traffic. The bridge is still in use as a public footbridge. This property is in the care of English Heritage (2011) and managed by The National Trust. Read more.


Somerset Dunster


Medieval (Middle Ages) (1066 - 1484)


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