German U-Boat, Hastings, East Sussex

German U-Boat, Hastings, East Sussex
Photograph taken 15th April 1919 © Reproduced by permission of Historic England Archive ref: bb88/07120

German U-Boat 118 which ran aground on Hastings beach in front of the Queens Hotel. It was launched in February 1918 and made only one voyage in which it sank 2 ships. It surrendered in February 1919. It was being towed through the English Channel when it ran aground. It became a tourist attraction. Many parts of the sub were taken as souvenirs by locals and visitors. The town clerk started charging people to go on board to raise money for welcoming home local troops. Some visitors were allowed inside but 2 men became ill, possibly due to escaping gases. The sub was eventually broken up on the beach at the end of the year. The keel was uncovered in 1950 and removed.


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World War One (1914 - 1919)



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