Grave Stones, Lindisfarne Priory, Holy Island, Northumberland

Grave Stones, Lindisfarne Priory, Holy Island, Northumberland
Photograph taken 1988 © Historic England Archive Photo Library ref: J880403

Five round-headed Anglo Saxon grave marker stones from Lindisfarne Priory. They are thought to date from the late 800s AD. They all have an early christian celtic cross carved in to them. One has this cross with a sun in the top left corner, the moon in the top right one, then in the lower two corners are two side-facing figures, bowing, with arms spread to the cross. The other side of it is entirely filled with a procession of armed men advancing from left to right. It is possible that the first side is a representation of Domesday. The second side may commemorate a raid on Lindisfarne, although whether by Danes or Scots is not clear. The priory is now in the care of English Heritage (2011).


Northumberland Holy Island


Anglo Saxon (Britons/English/Vikings) (410 - 1065)


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