Jacobes Hall, Brightlingsea, Essex

Jacobes Hall is first recorded in 1315. The front of the house faced the sea. This view is of the back of the house on the High Street. It originally had a two storeyed hall in the middle and cross-wings at both ends. In the 15th century, the property came into the hands of some rich shipping merchants named Beriffe, who were connected with weaving. They enriched and enlarged the house, which even then was of considerable importance. The middle section was divided into two rooms, one above the other. The decorated brick turret, with its spiral staircase was built for getting into the room above. In the mid 19th Century Jacobs was divided into seven ‘lets’ as they are called in the locality, three in each wing and one in the original Hall. A shop was built in front of the middle section that was demolished in 1923. In 1932 the ancient Buildings Trust bought the property and restored it.


Essex Brightlingsea


Tudor (1485 - 1602)


house timber frame tudor (1485 - 1602)