Keigwin, Keigwin Place, Mousehole, Cornwall

Keigwin, Keigwin Place, Mousehole, Cornwall
Photograph taken 26 March 2002 © Mr Terry Newman. Source Historic England Archive ref: 69291

Keigwin and Little Keigwin were both originally part of a 16th century Manor House. Keigwin has an interesting gabled wing which projects out and is supported on pillars. Mousehole was destroyed in 1595 during a raid on Mount's Bay by Spaniard Carlos de Amésquita. This building is the only building that survives from before this date. It has a plaque with the wording "Squire Jenkyn Keigwin was killed here 23rd July 1595 defending this house against the Spaniards". Amésquita was a naval office who raided Cornwall with four Spanish galleys during the Anglo-Spanish War. He also bombarded Penzance sinking ships in the harbour during what is known as the Battle of Cornwall. He eventually went back to Brittany, managing to avoid the counterattack by the English fleet, commanded by Francis Drake and John Hawkins.


Cornwall Mousehole


Tudor (1485 - 1602)


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