Langley Chapel, Langley, Shropshire

Langley Chapel, Langley, Shropshire
Photograph taken 01 July 2004 © Historic England Archive Photo Library ref: J040074

Permission to build a chapel at Langley was obtained by Richard Burnell, lord of the manor of Langley, in 1313. The present chapel structure still has elements of the medieval building. It was largely rebuilt around 1546 when the manor passed to the Lee family. It was virtually unused from the late 17th century and has had very few changes. As a result it is one of the few places with an almost a complete set of Puritan church fittings. There is a raised desk for musicians at the west end of the church. The last regular service was held in 1871. In 1914, it became one of the first buildings to be taken into the care of the Ministry of Works. It is now (2011) in the care of English Heritage.


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