Leeds General Infirmary, Leeds, West Yorkshire

The hospital was designed by Sir George Gilbert Scott with the assistance of Dr Chadwick, Chief Physcian at the infirmary. They travelled abroad seeing the latest in hospital design. Florence Nightingale and Sir Douglas Galton, architect of the Herbert Hospital at Woolwich, were also consulted. The foundation stone was laid 29/03/1864, the hospital opened to patients 22/05/1869. It was designed in Gothic Revival style. The plan was known as Pavilion style. The separate 'pavilions' allow ventilation and light into the wards. Originally there was a glazed cast iron winter garden at the centre and some of the wards had open sides. Gilbert also designed a new type of workhouses at this time, which were sited on the edges of towns to avoid offending the citizens and were built to a standard below the average labourer's cottage, so as not to be too attractive to the poor.


West Yorkshire Leeds


Victorian (1837 - 1901)



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