Major Leonard Darwin, Down House, Downe, Greater London

Major Leonard Darwin, Down House, Downe, Greater London
Photograph taken c1930-1948 © Historic England Archive Photo Library ref: K970208

This is a photograph of Sir Leonard Darwin (1850-1948) from Down House. He was Charles Darwin’s fourth son. He was born at Down House in 1850. He joined the army in 1871. Between 1877 and 1882 he worked for the Intelligence Division of the Ministry of War. He also went on several scientific expeditions. In 1890 he was promoted to Major. He left the army in 1892. He was President of the Royal Geographical Society. He was then Chairman of the British Eugenics Society between 1911-1928, and became Honorary President from 1928 until his death. In 1912 the University of Cambridge conferred on him the honorary degree of doctor of science. He married twice but had no children.


Greater London Downe


1930s (1930 - 1938)


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