Memorial to Edith Cavell, Tombland, Norwich, Norfolk

This Memorial to Edith Cavell was put up in 1918. It was made by J. G. Gordon Munn and shows Cavell in nurse's uniform. The stone base incorporates a full-size relief of a soldier hanging up a second laurel wreath. Cavell was executed by the Germans in the First World War for helping around 200 British soldiers to escape Belgium. She was born in Swardeston near Norwich in 1865. She worked as a governess, then trained as a nurse. When war broke out in 1914 she was working in a hospital in Brussels that was taken over by the Red Cross. She was arrested on the 3rd of August 1915 and executed at 6am on the 12th October 1915.


Norfolk Norwich


World War One (1914 - 1919)



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