Muslim Burial Ground, Horsell Common, Woking, Surrey

Horsell Common First World War Muslim military burial ground was laid out in 1915. It was provided for 19 Indian Muslim soldiers who had died in England after fighting for Britain in World War One. It was designed by T Hebert Winney, the India Office Surveyor. It takes the form of a rectangular walled enclosure with an entrance pavilion or 'chattri' to the western side. The arches, minarets and domed gateway reflect the architectural style of the nearby mosque. Over a million troops from British-ruled India (including what is now Pakistan), fought for Britain during the First World War. The burial ground was part of the British policy of giving burial rites according to the different religious practices of Indian troops. In particular the British Command felt the need to provide Muslim cemeteries in order to counter German propaganda that fallen Muslim troops were not being given the correct burial. The War Graves Commission looked after the graves from 1921 but the site is isolated and vandalism was a problem. In 1969 the soldiers were reburied at Brookwood Military Cemetery. The burial ground is now (2010)sadly neglected.


Surrey Woking


World War One (1914 - 1919)


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