Picton House, 52 High Street, Kingston upon Thames

A relatively modest house built between the 1730s and 1750s with lavish internal plasterwork and panelling. The past occupiers of the house reflect Kingston's role as both an industrial centre and rural retreat. This was the home of Cesar Picton. In 1761, as a young boy of about 6, Cesar was brought to England by an army officer who had been in Senegal. He was presented as a gift (along with a parakeet) to Sir John Phillips, a Baronet living in Norbiton near Kingston in Surrey. He became a beloved part of the family, and inherited a great deal of money upon the death of Lady Phillips. With this sum, he started his own business on the Thames and became a wealthy coal merchant in Kingston. Cesar was one of the first self-made black gentlemen in Britain .


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Stuart (1603 - 1713)


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