Priory Latrines, Portchester Castle, Portchester, Hampshire

Priory Latrines, Portchester Castle, Portchester, Hampshire
Photograph taken 2011 © Historic England Archive ref: IC081_028

These holes in the outer walls of Portchester Castle are almost all that remains of the medieval priory that was built within the castle's walls. They are the waste chutes from the monks latrines (toilets). They have been built into the original Roman walls of the castle. The priory they belonged too founded here in 1128, when the sheriff of Hampshire acquired Portchester Castle. The priory was built in the 1130s. However the site was found to be unsuitable and the priory moved to Southwick between 1147 and 1150. The priory church, now the Parish Church of St Mary, is the only other link to the priory. This site is now in the care of English Heritage (2011). Find out more.


Hampshire Portchester


Medieval (Middle Ages) (1066 - 1484)


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