Royal Naval Hospital, Greenwich, Greater London

Royal Naval Hospital, Greenwich, Greater London
Photograph taken 1870 - 1900 © Historic England Archive ref: cc97_00169

Exterior of the Royal Naval Hospital in Greenwich. It was originally known as 'The Royal Hospital for Seamen' and was the great project of Queen Mary II. She started it soon after becoming Queen in 1689. It was designed by Sir Christopher Wren (who offered to design the hospital without charge, as it was for a good cause). It was built between 1696 and 1712. The founding charter stated the Hospital's purpose as: 'the reliefe and support of Seamen serving on board the Ships and Vessells belonging to the Navy Royall... who by reason of Age, Wounds or other disabilities shall be uncapable of further service...and unable to maintain themselves.' It served this same purpose until 1869. It was then empty until 1873, when it was then used by Royal Naval College, who moved in from Portsmouth.


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Victorian (1837 - 1901)



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