Rufus Stone, Stoney Cross, Minstead, Hampshire

Rufus Stone,  Stoney Cross, Minstead, Hampshire
Photograph taken 1908 © Reproduced by permission of Oxfordshire County Council ref: HT10929

This monument was put up by Earl de la Warr in 1745 and encased in iron in the 19th century. It marks the site of an oak tree. In 1100, Walter Tyrrell fired an arrow at a stag during the Royal Hunt, but the arrow glanced off this tree and killed William II. He was also known by the Nickname: The Red King or Rufus. The nickname comes from the Latin word, meaning "reddish". This referred to William's ruddy complexion and red cheeks - his hair was not red it was long & blond.


Hampshire Minstead


Edwardian (1902 - 1913)



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