Seahenge, Holme Next The Sea, Norfolk

A circle of 55 closely-spaced oak posts was discovered in 1998 in the inter-tidal zone near Holme Next The Sea. The circle, nicknamed "Seahenge", is circa 7.5 metres in diameter. During the summer of 1999 the site was excavated and the posts and central inverted oak tree were removed. The 55 posts were removed first while the trunk was removed on 17th July 1999. The trunk was found to have been stripped of its bark. The timber circle was dated by radio carbon to the Bronze Age between 2310 and 1740 BC. More sensitive testing took place on the timber posts which were found to have been felled in 2049 BC one year later than the central trunk. Read detailed archaeological description.


Norfolk Holme Next The Sea


Prehistoric (to AD42)


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